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Stacey Matthiasco-CEO

Having grown up largely in the back of a VW van, Stacey’s intuitive understanding of how different people think and live was ingrained at an early age. A human developmental expert by training, Stacey’s specialty is in uncovering what motivates people to change, a skill that she has leveraged in countless studies on fast-moving targets, like fashionistas, culture vultures, media junkies, techies, and trend-conscious youth. Her approach is energetic, honest, and thorough.

As the head of Insight Kids, Stacey enjoys an unmatched reputation in the children’s space for her inspired ability to spark insights from kids of all ages and turn those insights into actionable and impactful recommendations for clients. Her work with kids, parents, and educators helps to inform development of TV shows, toys, websites, software, games, movies, and experiences of all kinds.

An adroit communicator, Stacey ensures that clients achieve their research objectives, using hands-on immersion to help them implement study results and see the range of possibilities of how to move forward. She is a master in helping others brainstorm and focus, drawing on years of experience developing methods and techniques that both engage and inspire.

Stacey launched Insight Research Group with Boaz Mourad in 1998, after several years at Sachs Insights and ARC, and also stints as a Head Start classroom teacher and an educational software developer for HyperStudio, one of the first producers of multimedia software for kids. When not working, she unwinds through yoga and meditation. Stacey and Boaz live in lower Manhattan with their two daughters.


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Boaz MouradCo-CEO

As a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Decision Making, the truth is complex for Boaz, who rarely stops at face value and revels in uncovering the underlying psychological and social factors that impact people's choices. The spark that motivates Boaz to peer into the depths of people’s psyches was ignited early on, while growing up on four continents. Always starting as a cultural outsider working his way in, Boaz became keenly aware of the ways in which different cultures and people process information and respond to given circumstances.

Boaz brings a unique perspective to the field of brand strategy by straddling both the business and academic realms; he uses his academic training to provide clients with real world solutions that can be implemented and are measurably impactful. He began his career at various applied research firms, then founded at his own brand-focused research firm, Heuristics Research, before joining forces with Stacey Matthias at Insight in 1999.

As Insight’s anchor, Boaz grounds the research team’s creative energies in solid social science. A trusted, goal-oriented straight-shooter, he infuses qualitative spirit into quantitative studies to capture the depth of people’s deep and complex relationships with brands. He thrives at helping clients get to the truth and figure out what to do with it.



Arikan OlgunerManaging Director

Consumer insights have always been a driving force behind Arikan’s diverse background in management, brand, and marketing consulting. He is a strategic and practical thinker who is passionate about finding clarity in the ambiguous, building structure to enable creativity, and creating opportunity for people to grow. With a lifelong career in client service businesses, he is widely recognized for his keen intuition and attention to the needs of clients and colleagues, alike.

As Insight’s Managing Director, Arikan spearheads strategic growth initiatives, oversees client service delivery and quality, and ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations.  He has a proven track record driving profitable growth – he has been instrumental in the identification and creation of brand platforms, customer experiences, market opportunities, and go-to-market models for clients across industries. His industry experience spans a wide range from retail and consumer products to banking, telecommunications, and airlines. 

Prior to Insight, Arikan held leadership roles at Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, and in the Customer Strategy group at Deloitte Consulting. A native of Turkey, Arikan is an avid traveler, an aspiring foodie, and an animal lover who enjoys life off the leash with his Standard Schnauzer.



Stephen LenzenSVP, Consumer Sciences

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Ally AlemanVP, Qualitative Research

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Sarah ChumskyVP, Insight Kids

As Vice President of Insight Kids, Sarah channels the team’s collective passion for inspiring the development and growth of initiatives and products aimed at youth and families. Her expertise in the kids’ realm infuses all that she does, from innovating study designs that engage kids to communicating age-appropriate solutions to clients, and writing the Insight Kids blog. She has developed ongoing relationships with wonderful clients like Nickelodeon, Crayola, Hasbro, Common Sense Media, Classic Media, and Chorion Silver Lining. As a youth culture enthusiast, she’s fluent in Potato Head, Pee-Wee, and Pig Latin.

Prior to Insight Sarah worked in development and production for educational children's media and documentary films. Clients included Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon, HBO, and PBS. Her favorite stint before Insight was at Blue's Clues, where she adapted the brand for international markets.

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Sarah GardinerVP, Research & Strategy

Sarah is known for her friendly, disarming demeanor, which helps her excel in communicating with people – both respondents and clients. She’s particularly well-versed in qualitative research approaches, having designed, moderated, and analyzed numerous studies for a wide range of clients. Sarah strives to bring the consumer to life and illuminate how clients can align their offerings with what consumers want. 

A creative thinker, Sarah enjoys leveraging her problem-solving savvy on both macro and micro levels, ranging from brand strategy findings and implications to explorations around tactical brand pillars or programming considerations. Her favorite projects tend to involve gender studies, fashion, and media, for clients like MTV, Payless, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and New York & Company.


Betsy GrimesVP, Research & Strategy


Mia ScelsiDirector, Marketing & Operations

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Slaine JenkinsDirector


Philip UnderwoodDirector


Tiffany Aguilar