At Insight, we believe that women make consumer decisions because of the relationships they are in - with themselves, their families, their circle of friends, and beyond! Our research decodes these complicated connections and our recommendations give brands the direction they need to build bonds with women.

    Women’s choices can be thoughtful and impulsive in the same moment – but, thankfully, we know how to make sense of it all.

    We've done countless studies about women’s moments of truth; decoding what happens every time they decide to tune into a program, open up a magazine, click on an ad, or reach into their purse. Our gender specialists are able to decipher their emotional motivations and translate them into meaningful implications for marketers.

    Our qualitative and quantitative experts have developed custom filters that are baked into each of our women’s projects that enable our clients to know their consumer so well, they’d be able to order for her if she’s late for dinner, buy her a perfect gift on her birthday, understand her rationale when she puts a dress back on the rack, and beyond.