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Squeezing out the real poop on digestive health 

All-Bran & Kellogg

Conversations about regularity and digestive health just don’t, shall we say, flow easily.

So this was the ingoing challenge when the All-Bran team at Kellogg wanted to better connect with consumers’ needs and positively differentiate its brand in the landscape.

We first got a feel for the landscape via a quantitative segmentation, leveraging the anonymity of the online format. We then helped consumers communicate with a very sensitive, in-depth ethnographic immersion that followed consumers hourly and daily to understand what and when they ate and why they made the choices they did.

We found that even among those most concerned about digestive health, taking care of it often ends up at the bottom of the “to-do” list (pun intended). Our work helped All-Bran identify its ideal target consumer, as well as key messages and principles for best communicating with them.

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Baby Alive

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Campbell’s Chunky Soup

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Classic Media

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Contributing to the cultural zeitgeist 

Common Sense Media and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

When Common Sense Media and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop collectively sought our expertise, we behaved a bit like Cookie Monster in the presence of a snickerdoodle, and jumped at the chance. Common Sense exists to provide trustworthy information about media and technology to kids and families. And the Cooney Center aims to support digital learning tools for kids. Needless to say, we feel quite aligned with their work. 

Together we embarked on a study to understand parents’ and teachers’ digital media knowledge and attitudes, providing concrete recommendations to policy makers, digital technology creators, and educators. Our study rocked the conference circuit and helped shape conversations moving forward. Updates have helped to keep current in terms of the technology landscape. So kids can live appily ever after.

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Extending a spotless reputation 


Despite its retro-sounding name, Electrolux has always been an innovator in the vacuum cleaner category. They sought our guidance as they created a portfolio of products to align with their target segment in France.

French consumers told us they don’t think about vacuum cleaners at all, but we managed to extract a lot of dirt out of them anyway! We looked at their relationship to the category and related brands, as well as the decision process. To help Electrolux set priorities, we used conjoint analysis to pinpoint the exact impact each feature has on purchases.

Our strategic and tactical implications informed positioning as well as messaging and product development, all of which will help Electrolux really clean up in France!

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Estee Lauder

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Johnson & Johnson

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New era, new journeys 

Lonely Planet

A beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure.

While this may have been the mantra of Lonely Planet thirty years ago, the brand has evolved a great deal since then. Although it maintains its independent spirit, the brand now covers much more than travel on the cheap, and extends its reach beyond books to TV, mobile, and the Web.

With the goal of pleasing global loyalists as well as winning share among US travelers, our ongoing research for Lonely Planet has delved into travelers’ perceptions of the brand and their travel information needs. Varied methods included focus groups, map-a-longs, mid-trip interviews, and international tourist tag-a-longs.

Our getting lost with travelers has really helped Lonely Planet find its way. The work has informed the brand portfolio across media platforms, including product lines, content development, marketing, and merchandising.

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Martha Stewart

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Mr. Men & Little Miss

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My Little Pony

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Painting the world orange


Nickelodeon and Insight kind of grew up together. We started working with Nick when they were just a little splat, testing pilots for favorites like The Rugrats, Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, The Fairly OddParents, iCarly, Drake & Josh, and  the ever-porous SpongeBob SquarePants.

As Nick grew from a beloved TV network to a family entertainment behemoth, our projects together became increasingly strategic, tackling topics like gaming, consumer product needs, sibling relationships, social media, and the gigundo, ongoing task of building their united, multi-platform brand, ensuring that each sub-brand has its place in the family, and is headed in the best direction.

We’re very proud of this collaboration, and look forward to an animated future together.

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Helping a breakthrough idea click 


Sometimes consumers don’t know what they really want. This was the case in the early 2000s, when Nokia came to us to assess consumer appetite for putting a digital camera into a mobile phone. Respondents were decidedly against the idea. “I already have a camera, and I already have a phone,” they said.” I don’t need them both together. That’s silly.” Silly!

After digging deeper into consumer needs and behaviors, we recommended the exact opposite to Nokia. Full steam ahead for camera phones! Unbeknownst to consumers, their camera use had changed since the proliferation of digital. Unlike film shots, digital photos were fulfilling the same instant communication needs as texting and calling. 

The combo made perfect sense. And the rest is techno-history.

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Olivia the Pig

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Pepperidge Farm

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Wooing the suburban sophisticate 

PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s, the wildly successful chain of upscale casual restaurants, came to Insight to help strategize its next phase of growth.

We created  a series of innovative foodie roundtables to define diners’ relationships to dining. Once we’d digested that learning, our next course of action was a series of eat-along ethnographies where we shared a lettuce wrap and a chat with their suburban sophisticate consumers who revealed just what they crave for a night on the town. 

By understanding their practical, social, and experiential needs, we were able to evaluate current perceptions of PF Chang’s and  create a no-miss recipe for success to guide its brand positioning evolution. 

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Simple multiplatform is not an oxymoron!

Real Simple

Becoming a multimedia go-to source for women is anything but simple. Yet that is the task the Real Simple team undertook, fueled by our research.

Step one was understanding women’s needs throughout the day, and the platforms and information sources they currently use and trust. Our not-so-simple process involved qualitative and quantitative explorations on multiple platforms, to catch the various aspects of women’s complicated daily lives and distill them into a compelling and differentiated strategy for Real Simple. Our work helped map different types of content on different platforms to archetypes of women who were craving them.

This new authority on women’s needs proved to be quite a boon for the Ad Sales team, and also provided inspiration to writers, editors, and designers.

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Rescue Bots

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Seventh Generation

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Smart Start

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A promising shot for Cyber-shot 


Synonymous for state-of-the-art, quality electronics, Sony came to us to help them innovate in the digital camera category.

Through in-home Power Forums with forward-thinking digital camera enthusiasts, as well as a quantitative survey, we helped Sony develop a new way of thinking about the digital imaging category. We delved into not only how people were currently using digital technology, but also why, and any frustrations along the way, leading to fresh ideas to meet consumers’ needs.

Our work informed the ideal product offering for Sony’s digital cameras and services. Most importantly, our research helped Sony anticipate major shifts in digital imaging trends, giving them the vision to help shape today’s snap-happy culture.

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Lip smacking digital strategies 

Sony BMG Music Entertainment & Napster

When Sony BMG Music Entertainment purchased Napster, they were purchasing more than a file-sharing service – they were aligning themselves with a renegade brand known for its daring innovation. They wanted to capitalize on this opportunity with new products, but lacked direction for which direction to move.

In Innovation Labs with tech-savvy consumers, we took a bunch of “wouldn’t it be cool?” ideas and super-coolified them. And then group discussions and a survey among regular ole consumers helped us understand which ideas held the best potential in the general marketplace.

Sony BMG was left not only with a clear direction for moving forward, but also the features and functions necessary to make those products a hit, and the inspiration for future product invention.

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Special K

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Stride Rite

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Tonka Chuck & Friends

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