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VF Corp

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Ralph Lauren

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Advance Local

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Mondelēz approached Insight to help introduce key stakeholders to a core consumer group – working class guys. We unwrapped our non-traditional qualitative toolkit and put together an immersion itinerary that would leave the brand’s executive leadership feeling that they knew these consumers like drinking buddies.

Building on our expertise in men’s needs and desires as consumers, we laid the groundwork for an engaging two-day immersion. Through fun and creative exercises that had company leaders scavenger hunting and role-playing meal scenarios at select retail locations, we helped build a transformative and memorable understanding of what it’s like to live a day in the shoes of a working class man – and how it impacts snack choices.

Afterwards, we facilitated a group discussion with Mondelēz stakeholders and the guys over wings and drinks at a bar – a no B.S. zone that allowed company leadership to get a face-to-face introduction to the consumer, his attitudes and beliefs, and what’s most important to him when it comes to food. They came away with an unforgettable experience, and inspiration for future product development!

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Playing for keeps!


KaBoom! is a nonprofit committed to building playgrounds in underserved communities around the U.S. In a world where smartphones have a bigger impact than see-saws, KaBoom! came to Insight Kids to learn how to wow today’s kids with the ultimate playground of the future. Findings were sought to fuel innovative playground designs as well as awareness and fundraising.

Insight surmised that building an ultimate playground meant drawing from all kinds of play that kids gravitate to today, including those that foster the 21st century skill set. Thus, our extensive qualitative and quantitative explorations sought to understand how the benefits of Lego and video games can be built into playground play. Ideation sessions and playground intercepts helped us stretch one monkey bar further to develop non-formulaic, kid-approved concepts for the ultimate playground of the future.

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Millennials consume media differently than any generation before them. Hearst came to Insight looking to keep their brand and product offerings relevant and appealing to Millennial women. In keeping with our industry-acclaimed authority on this generation, we set out to uncover Millennials' media needs and the unique value of magazine content in an increasingly digital media landscape.

We kicked off research through Millennial media diaries that chronicled their every media engagement, including favorite and most frequently used sources and platforms. Focus groups helped us dive deeper into their media moments, motivations, moods, mediums, and messages.  And, we statistically validated Millennial media behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions of print content through a quantitative survey.

Hearst came away with a uniquely positioned Millennial ad sales story for their sales team to take on the road. An telegraphic video deliverable and compelling infographic further brought this tech-forward generation to life!

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The Orchard

The Orchard asked Insight for help developing a site that would empower emerging indie artists to DIY distribute, market, and manage their music. This challenge was music to our ears!

We kicked off the study by speaking with a diverse array of artists at various points in their careers to truly understand their needs and wants out of career management. We then conducted a segmentation study that mapped the artist landscape – resulting in a pitch-perfect analysis of their motivations, needs, experience, taste, and savvy.

The Orchard walked away with defined target artists and an understanding of their needs when it comes to building their brands. We provided The Orchard with actionable insights for strategic development and a lasting internal framework to help guide their team. In other words, we helped The Orchard reach targets and rock their world!

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Maidenform has been a trusted bra brand for over 90 years, but came to Insight for some extra support during the launch of their new line of full-figure bras. We strapped in and got to work defining the full-figured consumer: her needs, purchase drivers, and pain points. 

We conducted focus groups with women aged 18-55 in order to pinpoint products and messaging that resonated with the full-figured consumer. Our innovative qualitative design helped us discern the differences between industry speak and consumer speak, allowing Maidenform to see the “retail reality” of consumers.

Our analysis helped bust bra myths and provide Maidenform with an informed communications strategy. We helped the brand redefine “full-figure” as a marketing concept, and craft direct and relatable products and messaging that had consumers feeling supported from top to bottom!

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For your co-viewing pleasure!

Repositioning Spike

Spike came to Insight with the goal of appealing to a wider audience of viewers; especially women who co-view with the men in their lives. Our team stepped right up to understand Spike's brand DNA and how it could evolve.

We leveraged our category expertise in TV to design a strong quantitative study instrument that captured the nuance and depth of the category, with insights into male and female viewer behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions. We also provided perceptual mapping analysis that showed Spike exactly where they fit in the competitive landscape, and where they needed to go.

Our work gave them the proof they needed to begin a broad brand repositioning process, and fuel to end the male vs. female battle over the remote control!

Quantifying fatherhood

To further its authority on men, Spike came to us with a unique challenge – to find a way to quantify fatherhood. We leveraged our expertise in media and parenting to develop custom and proprietary methods to explore the many ways that fathers today build close relationships with their kids, and measure which had the strongest impact.

Busting myths, we found that, rather than guidance, dads need a pat on the back for a job well done. Implications helped Spike connect emotionally with its viewers, informing strategies for programming, ad sales, marketing, and communications (including a public service campaign aimed at fostering healthy dad/kid relationships). The study garnered significant attention for Spike, including first prize at the 2008 CTAM Research Conference.

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ESPN came to Insight for help launching their first mobile social media platform, which was created to help college football fans discuss the game they’re watching with other fans in real time. ESPN sought research to gauge the value of this multi-platform campaign for their sponsor, Microsoft Windows phone.

To assess cross-platform promotion performance, we conducted video journals and post-game interviews. Pre-and post-game kiosk surveys, and a national online survey helped measure effectiveness in driving advertising, and showed how the product can be further optimized for fans.

Informed by fans’ attitudes and behaviors, we discovered ways that a social media experience in the ESPN-sports context can support advertiser goals. We also recommended strategies to optimize the app and get smart phones ready for some football!

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Comedy Central

Comedy Central came to Insight with a challenge that tickled our funny bone! The network already had a strong portfolio of original hit shows, but they wanted to gain a better understanding of their viewers. Insight was challenged with telling a holistic story of the Comedy Central viewer to inform ad sales - what makes viewers tick? What’s their outlook on life? And most importantly - what is the connective tissue that binds them together as an attractive proposition to advertisers? 

We designed In-Home Viewing Parties to understand the story of a Comedy Central consumer, and paired it with an in-depth quantitative survey.

Our work with Comedy Central helped them demonstrate the real value of their viewer to advertisers, and bust a few myths along the way! The whole experience was funny, but the awesome, informed data we left them with is no laughing matter! 

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Squeezing out the real poop on digestive health 

All-Bran & Kellogg

Conversations about regularity and digestive health just don’t, shall we say, flow easily.

So this was the ingoing challenge when the All-Bran team at Kellogg wanted to better connect with consumers’ needs and positively differentiate its brand in the landscape.

We first got a feel for the landscape via a quantitative segmentation, leveraging the anonymity of the online format. We then helped consumers communicate with a very sensitive, in-depth ethnographic immersion that followed consumers hourly and daily to understand what and when they ate and why they made the choices they did.

We found that even among those most concerned about digestive health, taking care of it often ends up at the bottom of the “to-do” list (pun intended). Our work helped All-Bran identify its ideal target consumer, as well as key messages and principles for best communicating with them.

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Getting smart about smart shoppers

All You

All You is a women’s magazine that contains recipes, fashion, beauty tips, and exclusive coupons – all geared towards women who have made shopping smart their mission. But, post-recession, other brands wandered into their territory to try and stake a claim to this audience.  So, All You came to Insight to establish their authority and ownership of the smart shopping movement, while debunking any myths linking smart shopping behavior to income. We set out to get smart about penny pinchers, budget hunters, and daily deal devotees

Our work discovered that smart shopping is a movement that’s defined by a mindset, rather than a demographic. Our rich segmentation defined three core segments towards whom to focus communications, marketing, and editorial content. And, we gave All You an ad sales and press story about the power, influence, and value of their readership.

All You came away as an authority on how women shop, armed with the whole truth behind budget-conscious shopping behaviors. What’s smarter than that?! 

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AMC Networks

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AMC Theaters

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Soaring above the rest

American Eagle Outfitters

The call of the mall is powerful among today’s youth, and fashion options are plentiful once they get there. American Eagle Outfitters knows that you don’t get many second chances with this very discriminating audience, and luring them means winning from every angle, including brand image (Makes me feel cool!), style (So cute!), fit (My butt looks awesome!), and store experience (Easy and fun!).

Our ongoing work with AE hits every brand pillar, ensuring a unified and differentiating brand experience for its consumers – the right products, the right messaging, the right sub-brands, and the right targets, across the US and Canada. We help AE stay on top of trends, delight their current core consumers, attract new brand enthusiasts, and bring the brand in lucrative new directions (e.g., intimates, kids, plus-size).

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American Express

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American Museum of Natural History

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Baby Alive

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Bands in Town

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Banana Republic

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Jolly good brand growthBBC

BBC America

Long time client BBC America has a track record of providing ahead-of-the-curve content to ahead-of-the-curve viewers. As such, keeping up to date on the needs of its targets is critical to the network’s success. They asked Insight to help optimize a new brand positioning.

We started by understanding what needs the BBC America brand and programming fill for its viewers. Our next step was to define different BBC America viewers and understand their unique relationships with BBC America before and after seeing an evolved brand offering. We were curious—how would they react to BBC America’s new brand twist on the British Invasion?

Viewers spoke and we determined the new positioning works! And we provided BBC America with a tiered targeting strategy for growth.

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BBC Worldwide

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Portfolio strategy, with arch support! 

Brown Shoe

If you’ve got feet, chances are that at some point you’ve walked in a Brown Shoe. The family of brands includes Naturalizer, Dr. Scholl’s, Via Spiga, Franco Sarto, Zodiac, Sam & Libby, and Buster Brown, as well as retail sources like Famous Footwear and Shoes.com. That’s a lotta sole!

Our long-term partnership with Brown Shoe began with a portfolio analysis and consumer segmentation work. We helped them understand how to position each brand to a distinct audience and also provided “perfect fit” guidance for communications, retail strategy, product design, and acquisitions. Subsequently, we have informed specific brands and retail channels.

Most importantly, we helped to create a cohesive internal  understanding of the consumer, so that the entire organization could walk in targets’ shoes, and effectively tailor strategies to their needs. 

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Campbell’s Chunky Soup

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Making a splash… internationally!


Imagine you’re four, and someone takes you to a place you’ve never been, with strange creatures, a fantastical setting, and eight new friends. That was the exciting yet daunting prospect of The Octonauts, a preschool property that introduces kids to undersea life. The Chorion team suspected they had a hit on their hands, but were unsure
how to make this exotic world and large cast of characters developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. On top of that, they had to please parents in multiple countries.

Grounded in research with kids and parents, we consulted on concept refinement and launch strategy. We created a brand book, reviewed scripts, and illuminated how to foster the property’s natural play patterns via consumer products. Kids the world over are now chanting “Explore! Rescue! Protect!” And moms and mums are happy to let their kids dive in.

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Classic Media

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Contributing to the cultural zeitgeist 

Common Sense Media and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

When Common Sense Media and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop collectively sought our expertise, we behaved a bit like Cookie Monster in the presence of a snickerdoodle, and jumped at the chance. Common Sense exists to provide trustworthy information about media and technology to kids and families. And the Cooney Center aims to support digital learning tools for kids. Needless to say, we feel quite aligned with their work. 

Together we embarked on a study to understand parents’ and teachers’ digital media knowledge and attitudes, providing concrete recommendations to policy makers, digital technology creators, and educators. Our study rocked the conference circuit and helped shape conversations moving forward. Updates have helped to keep current in terms of the technology landscape. So kids can live appily ever after.

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The new elephant in the room 

Corus Entertainment

Corus Entertainment came to us for help with reinventing everyone’s favorite elephant. They were creating a new Babar animated series, Babar and the Adventures of Badou, and had specific goals and aspirations for international property distribution. Corus sought to understand how to build on Babar’s heritage and position this exciting new world to kids and families in the US and Europe.

To understand how kids and moms were connecting with the property, we did qualitative research that was very hands-on, evaluating all pillars of the brand from branding to broadcast and toy directions.

Watching kids “play” Babar was a trunkful of fun!

At study’s end, we provided the Corus team with clear brand positioning as well as the product directions that will resonate most with moms and kids.


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The Job of TV

Discovery Networks

Discovery Networks engaged us in an authority study to uncover answers to a big question: Why do people watch TV?

To draw the connection between people’s deep psychological needs and the TV they watch, we first spoke with media experts and psychologists, then conducted deeply personal in-home interviews with consumers across the country about their lives and their needs, and why they watch what they watch. What’s the hook of Snooki? Why lose yourself in Lost?

Our findings provided not only a conceptual understanding of the American TV viewer, but also concrete strategic implications for Discovery Networks programming.

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DIY Network

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Extending a spotless reputation 


Despite its retro-sounding name, Electrolux has always been an innovator in the vacuum cleaner category. They sought our guidance as they created a portfolio of products to align with their target segment in France.

French consumers told us they don’t think about vacuum cleaners at all, but we managed to extract a lot of dirt out of them anyway! We looked at their relationship to the category and related brands, as well as the decision process. To help Electrolux set priorities, we used conjoint analysis to pinpoint the exact impact each feature has on purchases.

Our strategic and tactical implications informed positioning as well as messaging and product development, all of which will help Electrolux really clean up in France!

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The meaning of music, with measurable results  


Yeah, yeah, video killed the radio star. But will the digital cloud murder the MP3 maestro?

eMusic, the membership-based digital music service, needed to know. In a landscape that’s changing faster than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, eMusic wanted to predict the cultural progression and ensure they were targeting the right consumers with the right offerings.

Our research tracked the core aspects of consumers’ music experience, from their first listen to after they downloaded it or shared it with friends. We uncovered the essence of why people listen to music, and the benefits of owning vs. streaming.

Our findings gave eMusic a deep understanding of the crowded and clouded space they play in, a motivating consumer target, and a powerful brand position to help win them over.

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Proof points for a valuable customer base 


Many marketers know they should reach out to African-American women but often do not know why or how. For Essence, closing this knowledge gap is crucial to bringing in advertising and boosting other business opportunities. Thus, over the years we have worked with the Essence team to fuel their knowledge and authority on African-American women overall – their relationship to shopping, family, technology, etc.

Most recently, Essence came to us to dispel common myths about African-American women’s relationship to beauty. Through qualitative work and a quantitative segmentation study, we delivered a compelling narrative with detailed consumer profiles – their unique beauty needs, what drives their value equation, their most trusted brands, and what shapes their relationship to Essence. Furthermore, we provided Essence with a powerful tool to go out and bust some myths!

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Estee Lauder

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Everything But Water

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Food Network

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Great American Country

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Wooing them with caviar and champagne 


With a new designer at the helm of a legendary brand, Gucci wanted to know how to stay true to its roots while heralding in a new generation.

Explorations required talking to designer fashion consumers, who are not an easy lot to reach. To lure participants and get them excited about the research process,
we pampered them with a VIP party, conducting international research salons in high-end
luxury hotels, complete with gourmet food, cocktails, and chic décor.

Our implications included principles for evaluating communications campaigns based on timeless and timely fashion attributes their targets seek, allowing Gucci to deepen loyalty with core customers and increase relevance with new ones.

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Rock star experiences, without the hangover

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas came to us embarking on an ambitious endeavor to revamp, reinvent, and reenergize its brand among the stylish set. 

To uncover their often subconscious needs, we created an innovative qualitative and quantitative research approach that connected with Vegas visitors “in the moment,” engaging them in quintessential Vegas experiences, including Cocktail Salons, Pimped-up Ultralounges, and Poolside Pickups. (Yes, this was also fun for the research team!) 

Our findings informed a brand filter for Hard Rock to use as a lens for every decision, from hiring staff to choosing what’s in the mini bar.

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The History Channel

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The Joan Ganz Cooney Center Sesame Workshop

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Johnson & Johnson

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A personal touch for virtual education


Armchair education has provided betterment opportunities to hundreds of thousands of students around the globe, and Kaplan has been the industry’s pioneer. Still, the university has faced issues educating the public about its offerings, advantages, and value.

Our ongoing qualitative, quantitative, and consulting work the Kaplan helps the online school attract and retain students via on-the-nose courses and curricula, personal-touch services, highly credentialed professors, and targeted marketing campaigns. Since implementing our recommendations, their Business School programs, for example, have achieved record enrollment, surpassing goals.

In addition, our work has helped improve Kaplan’s B2B relationships by uncovering the skills employers most need and the best ways for Kaplan to partner with businesses to provide employee training.

The most important thing Kaplan has learned from us: knowledge is bliss. 

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Lane Bryant

With a closet full of unique brand entities, Ascena Retail Group came to Insight looking to pool their brand expertise and position their brand portfolio. In an ever shifting fashion marketplace, Ascena sought to keep a pulse on their current customers’ needs and behaviors. Our wardrobe of prior fashion research made us well-suited to understand how Ascena could stay a thread ahead of consumer needs!

An ongoing online customer panel with Ascena consumers allowed us to recruit a strong sample base to continually interact with while answering Ascena’s ever-changing internal questions. Our longstanding experience helped us design innovative survey questions that informed on key strategy touchpoints for Ascena brands.

Our topical deep dives into the different brands have informed on product innovation, marketing and communications, and even retail design for Ascena. Since trying this exciting new research design on for size, we’ve helped make recommendations that have the Ascena Retail Group portfolio looking exceptionally well- tailored. 

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New era, new journeys 

Lonely Planet

A beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure.

While this may have been the mantra of Lonely Planet thirty years ago, the brand has evolved a great deal since then. Although it maintains its independent spirit, the brand now covers much more than travel on the cheap, and extends its reach beyond books to TV, mobile, and the Web.

With the goal of pleasing global loyalists as well as winning share among US travelers, our ongoing research for Lonely Planet has delved into travelers’ perceptions of the brand and their travel information needs. Varied methods included focus groups, map-a-longs, mid-trip interviews, and international tourist tag-a-longs.

Our getting lost with travelers has really helped Lonely Planet find its way. The work has informed the brand portfolio across media platforms, including product lines, content development, marketing, and merchandising.

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Martha Stewart

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Mr. Men & Little Miss

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A new shade of sexuality


There’s no grey area when it comes to understanding that women's’ sexuality has changed. After the success of 50 Shades of Grey, MTV came to Insight looking to get close with today’s cultural drivers of sexuality, and how learn how to best speak to Millennials about this taboo topic.

We started our research with “sexpert” interviews, which helped us better recognize today’s sexual landscape.  Next, online diary confessionals enabled women to discreetly write, record, and share artifacts about their relationship with sex; free from judgment.

Our research helped bolster MTV’s position as an industry thought leader on Millennials, and today’s sexual revolution. Findings informed programming and messaging to align with the sexual opinions of female Millennials. 

mtv networks back to grid

Rocking online ad sales

MTVN Digital

MTVN Digital came to us with a mammoth challenge – to understand what triggers its audience to interact with online advertising across its diverse portfolio of sites.

With 360°ethnographies and an intricate web of a survey (pun intended!), we explored how relationships to MTVN brands, content, and online behavior (e.g., social networking, gaming, researching) shape users’ preferences for advertising formats and content. Because consumers don’t readily admit their ad-related behaviors, we came up with a creative way to uncover the truth, sourcing the information from several angles and weighing what consumers say against their ultimate behaviors. And follow up Activation Labs allowed us to see, in real-time, what advertising was most compelling.

Our work fueled Ad Sales pitches by proving the value of the MTVN audience, and also enabled MTVN to recommend the best MTVN brands for clients to advertise with and the best types of ads for each site.

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My Little Pony

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National Geographic back to grid

National Geographic

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NG Kids back to grid

National Geographic Kids

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new york and company back to grid

Keeping close company with the consumer 

New York & Company

New York & Company was looking to become a more consumer-focused business. In our first study, stripping her down to her core retail and lifestyle needs, and informing how to tailor strategies to her.

Later studies have ranged from the detailed (testing particular lines of clothing in our Style Labs) to big-picture (defining the new meaning of “Wear-to-Work” for the modern woman).

Our partnership has informed a fresh, consumer-relevant, and better defined direction for the brand. In addition, we’ve provided them with a target segment who can be the muse for all brand touch point decisions, from merchandising to design and communications.

Nick Jr back to grid

Nick Jr.

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nickelodeon back to grid

Painting the world orange


Nickelodeon and Insight kind of grew up together. We started working with Nick when they were just a little splat, testing pilots for favorites like The Rugrats, Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, The Fairly OddParents, iCarly, Drake & Josh, and  the ever-porous SpongeBob SquarePants.

As Nick grew from a beloved TV network to a family entertainment behemoth, our projects together became increasingly strategic, tackling topics like gaming, consumer product needs, sibling relationships, social media, and the gigundo, ongoing task of building their united, multi-platform brand, ensuring that each sub-brand has its place in the family, and is headed in the best direction.

We’re very proud of this collaboration, and look forward to an animated future together.

nokia back to grid

Helping a breakthrough idea click 


Sometimes consumers don’t know what they really want. This was the case in the early 2000s, when Nokia came to us to assess consumer appetite for putting a digital camera into a mobile phone. Respondents were decidedly against the idea. “I already have a camera, and I already have a phone,” they said.” I don’t need them both together. That’s silly.” Silly!

After digging deeper into consumer needs and behaviors, we recommended the exact opposite to Nokia. Full steam ahead for camera phones! Unbeknownst to consumers, their camera use had changed since the proliferation of digital. Unlike film shots, digital photos were fulfilling the same instant communication needs as texting and calling. 

The combo made perfect sense. And the rest is techno-history.

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Olivia the Pig back to grid

Olivia the Pig

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OWN back to grid

OWN Network

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Payless back to grid

Riding the recession in style 


A few years back, we helped Payless re-strategize its business from the ground up. Via extensive qualitative research and a quantitative segmentation, we identified target consumers and uncovered perceptions of the brand vs. competitors. Our work influenced branding, marketing, store environment, product assortment, and even the logo, moving the brand  from a non-descript discount shoe retailer into a fun house of brands with limitless possibilities.

But as the marketplace changed, so did the shoe shopper… and we helped Payless stay connected to recession-hit consumers by providing an understanding of how shoes could help people ride the rough patches in style. 

We shared the emotional benefits gleaned from loafers and stilettos, and how Payless could be the bridge between affordable and fashionable.

Pepperidge Farm back to grid

Pepperidge Farm

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Wooing the suburban sophisticate 

PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s, the wildly successful chain of upscale casual restaurants, came to Insight to help strategize its next phase of growth.

We created  a series of innovative foodie roundtables to define diners’ relationships to dining. Once we’d digested that learning, our next course of action was a series of eat-along ethnographies where we shared a lettuce wrap and a chat with their suburban sophisticate consumers who revealed just what they crave for a night on the town. 

By understanding their practical, social, and experiential needs, we were able to evaluate current perceptions of PF Chang’s and  create a no-miss recipe for success to guide its brand positioning evolution. 

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Simple multiplatform is not an oxymoron!

Real Simple

Becoming a multimedia go-to source for women is anything but simple. Yet that is the task the Real Simple team undertook, fueled by our research.

Step one was understanding women’s needs throughout the day, and the platforms and information sources they currently use and trust. Our not-so-simple process involved qualitative and quantitative explorations on multiple platforms, to catch the various aspects of women’s complicated daily lives and distill them into a compelling and differentiated strategy for Real Simple. Our work helped map different types of content on different platforms to archetypes of women who were craving them.

This new authority on women’s needs proved to be quite a boon for the Ad Sales team, and also provided inspiration to writers, editors, and designers.

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Red Envelope

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Rescue Bots

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Cooking up a balanced portfolio strategy 

Scripps Networks

We have a long history with Scripps Networks, including HGTV, DIY Network, and Food Network. Projects have ranged from strategic portfolio brand work and brand tracking to tactical studies informing on-air and web properties.

We are especially proud of our exploration of on-air diversity across the portfolio, uncovering the perspectives of minority audiences. As a direct outcome of focusing on this issue, in five years HGTV:

•  Has seen 20% overall increase in primetime audience
•  Has seen 50% increase in primetime African American audiences
•  Is one of the most popular channels among home-owning African American audiences
•  Has higher than average viewership among upscale Latino audiences
We are proud of the way we have helped Scripps brands inspire viewers to live better lives.


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Seventh Generation

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Smart Start

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A promising shot for Cyber-shot 


Synonymous for state-of-the-art, quality electronics, Sony came to us to help them innovate in the digital camera category.

Through in-home Power Forums with forward-thinking digital camera enthusiasts, as well as a quantitative survey, we helped Sony develop a new way of thinking about the digital imaging category. We delved into not only how people were currently using digital technology, but also why, and any frustrations along the way, leading to fresh ideas to meet consumers’ needs.

Our work informed the ideal product offering for Sony’s digital cameras and services. Most importantly, our research helped Sony anticipate major shifts in digital imaging trends, giving them the vision to help shape today’s snap-happy culture.

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Lip smacking digital strategies 

Sony BMG Music Entertainment & Napster

When Sony BMG Music Entertainment purchased Napster, they were purchasing more than a file-sharing service – they were aligning themselves with a renegade brand known for its daring innovation. They wanted to capitalize on this opportunity with new products, but lacked direction for which direction to move.

In Innovation Labs with tech-savvy consumers, we took a bunch of “wouldn’t it be cool?” ideas and super-coolified them. And then group discussions and a survey among regular ole consumers helped us understand which ideas held the best potential in the general marketplace.

Sony BMG was left not only with a clear direction for moving forward, but also the features and functions necessary to make those products a hit, and the inspiration for future product invention.

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Special K

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Stride Rite

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Sundance Channel

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Teen Nick

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Time Inc

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Tonka Chuck & Friends

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TV Guide

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Delivering a hardcore “casual” strategy 

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers came to us with a task that was anything but nonchalant. They sought a deep understanding of the casual online gaming space and its gamers. They needed a clear picture of casual gaming’s present and future that would inform their strategic business decisions.

We started by defining casual gamers—not only by their ideal game genres, but by the key emotional benefits they sought from playing games, their media consumption patterns, properties that appealed to them, and their engagement patterns with advertising and competitors. 

Our next stage of analysis pinpointed the key gamer segments who represented the most opportunity for Warner Brothers in the casual online gaming space. We determined that casual online gaming had a bright, solid, and serious future. We left Warner Brothers with a strategic direction to follow for a high score.

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WE tv

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Lip smacking digital strategies 


For years, city dwellers around the world have relied on Zagat guides to point them in the direction of terrific eateries. At a time when info seeking was becoming more and more digital, Zagat came to us to help translate their print success to the online arena.

Through Focus Groups and Usability Labs, we not only delved into consumer behavior, perceptions, and the competitive set, but also consumers’ decision processes for where to eat. As such, were able to not only help Zagat create a usable and appealing website, but also make it a uniquely valuable go-to resource.

Implications provided key dos and don’ts for Zagat.com, with broad and specific recommendations for future development, including guidelines for content, features, functions, and layouts that would make Zagat.com a site to salivate over.