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Millennials just want to be Happy

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Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy,” has topped the charts for over a month now, with his proclaim for happiness not showing any signs of waning. The song has been widely embraced, especially among Millennials who exude his message in their outlook on life. Millennials’ penchant for pragmatic optimism is echoed by one of the song’s lines that’s directed at bad news and people who dwell on it (“I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine. No offense to you, don’t waste your time”). Millennials are on a journey towards finding and defining joy in their lives, and they have no patience for haters.

In a survey Insight fielded last year among a national sample of 2400 Millennials ages 14-25, we found that 4 in 5 Millennials are optimistic about the future and agree that their main goal in life is happiness. Where do they look for happiness? One place is at work. 9 in 10 Millennials agree that it’s important to love your job.

Not only do Millennials rally around the pursuit of happiness, but more Millennials define success by happiness (88%) over more material things like money (60%), fame (36%), and being popular (57%), deflating some over-circulated Millennial stereotypes. Moreover, 2 in 3 Millennials are sick of hearing how spoiled their generation is – they just want to be happy!

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